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My Huyen

My Huyen is the youngest daughter of veteran musician Thu Ho. At an early age, My Huyen demonstrated her skill in music and was encouraged by her father to pursue the profession. Her talents were nurtured by the Catholic nuns at her alma mater. In the early part of her career, My Huyen sang at various school functions and gatherings like the Christmas ball and school celebrations.

She went on the perform professionally in various stages in Vietnam. She was also active in the Vietnamese television industries in the late 80’s, performing for various shows and programs. In 1991, My Huyen arrived in the United States, and immediately collaborated professionally with various night clubs in California. She has performed at the Ritz in southern California, Lido in northern California and a host of other nightclubs throughout the United States. My Huyen has also performed at various concerts in countries such as Holland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada etc….

My Huyen’s forte is singing the Rumba, Bolero and Boston style of music. She is also known to have perfected the three regional accent of Vietnam. My Huyen’s most favorite songs to perform are: Rau Dang Moc Sau He and Que Me. Besides contemporary music, My Huyen is also interested in the classics. She studied to play Dan Thap Luc a sixteen string instrument used in many classical pieces. My Huyen can render flawlessly such classic as: Luu Thuy, Tu Dai Oan, and Kim Tien.

My Huyen has collaborated with many singers and has appeared in many CDs. My Huyen 1 and 3 produced by Hai Au Productions and My Huyen Dac Biet Khong Chu De Produced by Thuy Anh.

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